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        Production & quality inspection
        If you want to win the battle, you shall firstly sharpen your weapons.
        We guarantee to long-term stably provide the markets with high quality products by complete operation flows, strict quality control system, systematic and standard operation.
        Technical research & development
        Relying on sharp industrial insight and persistent research & development efforts, the company further consolidates its leading positions in various aspects, including safety system design, future solution plans.
        Future Prospects
        SONGYUAN wholeheartedly serves our clients, employees, cooperation partners and societies. Through supplying automobile safety system solution plans all over the world, we pay contribution to environment careers. Meanwhile, we provide vast clients with the safer products and drive experience.
        Low carbon environment protection undertaking
        As a responsible enterprise, we fulfill our low carbon environment protection mission.
        We encourage our employees to actively participate into such efforts.

        It fulfills sustainable management.

        Our strategy is to fulfill maximum ecological benefits during various stages of business management. We measure business units and individual environmental performance. We foster an enterprise culture with sustainable management.

        We bring about a more clean production.

        We positively apply the production craft & technology with a more clean production cycle, including reduction of raw material and discards. Meanwhile we demand our cooperation partners to do the same.

        Green Purchase

        We are leading figures of green purchase mode with high purchase efficiency, e.g. building materials; lighting equipment, computer with repeatable use etc.

        Standard warehousing logistics
        Good working condition, sophisticated professional knowledge training and colorful recreational activities, our production department provides employees the most vast development space. By improving staff’s professional skills and comprehensive quality, improve core competitiveness of the enterprises, and make staff progress with the enterprise together.
        Systematic production management
        When promoting people-oriented management, we company keeps strengthening the construction of management system, and implementing efficient and stable production & operation management by modern management tools and platforms.
        Perfect quality supervision system
        We always carry out quality policy as “Sincerity-oriented Development, Excellent Quality, Customer Satisfaction & Stable Growth”, and adhere to principles of “Customer Supreme, Quality First”; establish and keep improving Quality Management System in accordance with ISO/TS16949: 2009 technical specification and requirements of automobile company.
        Advanced experiment & testing
        During the assembly manufacturing of safety belt, we are equipped with laboratory equipments that is able to meet all test requirements for assembly of salty belt, with test equipments of domestic advanced level, and test ability able to meet relevant national industry standards and customers’ test requirements for safety belt product.
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