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        0 Building area
        0 W Annual average productive capacity of safety belts
        0+ Employees’ number
        0+ Advanced production line
        Application fields
        SONGYUAN will, as always, face a broader application market in future by the first-class quality and service.
        We have established the long-term friendly business relationships with vast famous domestic and overseas automobile manufacturers.
        • Passenger car / coac
        • SUV
        • Compact car / small
        • Medium-size car
        • Truck
        • MPV
        Brief introduction of SONGYUAN Company
        Founded in 2001, ZHE JIANG SONGYUAN AUTOMOTIVE SAFETY SYSTEMS.CO.,LTD. is always engaged in researching into and developing safety belts.
        It is one of the leading automobile safety belts manufacturers in China.
        Our footprints
        At the same time of having a firm foothold in the Chinese markets, SONGYUAN gradually advances towards the international markets.
        It gets European Union E-MARK Certification, American FMVSS Certification. It successfully establishes the excellent cooperation partners all over the world.
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